Halya Coynash: Police on the hunt for ‘losses’ because of EuroMaidan


In moves like those used to bring prosecutions over the Tax Code Maidan in 2010, the police have approached at least one business asking it to assess its “losses” due to the EuroMaidan protests.

The police central investigation department has asked the enterprise in charge of minibus No. 527 (marshrutka or a fixed route minivan taxi) to provide information about losses incurred during the EuroMaidan protests.

The director of the limited liability company VNT-1, Anatoliy Loy informed Ukrainska Pravda that they had received the request from the police on Jan 8, and were preparing their response. He says that the losses were not major.  “There’s noone to complain about or to”, he added. Loi denied that workings from VNT-1 had called on minibus driviers to fight EuroMaidan and seek its dispersal.  He said that this information had been spread by one person – Andriy Romantsev – who was pretending to speak for others.

While this particular company is unlikely to oblige, there may well have been similar approaches to other businesses, etc.

Much the same tactics were applied three years ago after the authorities forcibly removed the Tax Code Maidan peaceful protesters.  Police positively encouraged drivers to make complaints about alleged damage to their cars, and TV “24” was asked to hand over video and photographic material.

This all resulted in some highly suspect prosecutions.  One man was held in detention for a long time over alleged damage to a car, although the video footage showed him at a distance from the car and calling on others to not damage it.  Others faced charges of “damaging the granite stone on Maidan Nezalezhnosti”


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