Estonia condemns laws restricting freedoms of Ukrainians, says foreign minister


Tallinn, January 18 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Estonia has condemned the adopted amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine, including the laws introducing criminal liability for extremism, mass riots and the like.

Estonia condemns the laws adopted in haste in Ukraine, which are aimed at restricting fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, and which do not contribute to improving the current situation and create more conflicts in the Ukrainian society, the Estonia Foreign Ministry’s press service quoted Foreign Minister Urmas Paet as saying.

According to him, Estonia is following what is happening in Ukraine with an ever-increasing concern. The approval of these amendments jeopardizes the democratic solution to the crisis and is contrary to the country’s international obligations, Paet said.

The Estonian minister said that the solution of the situation lies in the dialogue, and not in ignoring the wishes of the other side and not in ignoring the fundamental rights and freedom.


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