Activists hold symbolic funeral service for Party of Regions

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Some 200 activists participated in a symbolic funeral ceremony near the pro-presidential Party of Regions office on Lypska Street on Feb. 6.

The activists were carrying a coffin with the photos of all the Party of Regions lawmakers. They coffin, funeral wreaths and candles were placed near the doors of the party’s office.

“We made a Facebook group some days ago calling for everyone to join our symbolic action and lots of people supported our idea,” said Ihor, one of the organizers of the funeral service, who refused to give his last name, because he was afraid of persecutions. His face is hidden behind the Guy Fawkes mask. “I hope the Party of Regions members will understand the responsibility, especially those deputies who voted for anti-protesters Jan. 16 laws,” the activist explained.

Thirty minutes after, still nobody came out to the protesters from the Party of Regions’ office. The activists left the coffin and went back to the Independence Square.


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