Pro-government supporters rally against EuroMaidan activists

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Pro-governmental protesters gathered in Kyiv’s Mariinsky Park on Feb. 6 for a rally against EuroMaidan activists. Hundreds of pro-presidential Party of Regions supporters were standing in the area protected by internal troops. The activists chant “No fascizm, no terrorism!” and “Stop Maidan!”.

Viktor Hordiychuk came from Zhytomyr Oblast two months ago “to support the president.” Now Hordiychuk is working for the so-called anti-Maidan guard.

“If they (EuroMaidan supporters) leave Kyiv’s streets – there’s the hope for the country to find the way out of the crisis,” Hordiychuk, the active pro-presidential supporter, says. “So far I don’t see any solutions. How the president can work in a such conditions? What can Party of Regions and communists can do when opposition don’t do anything and don’t let other deputies work in (Verkhovna) Rada,” Hordiychuk said.

Hordiychuk said he’s ready to stand and keep an eye on the situation in the city center until “EuroMaidan activists clear Khreshatyk Street.”

Most of the activists there believe EuroMaidan protesters are the ones to blame for the political and economical crisis in the country.


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